Thursday, April 18, 2013


What a fantastic day today. Actually, a very heartfelt one, too. You see, today my bosses three year old daughter came into the office and spent the morning sitting on my lap playing and coloring. This place is so amazing.

Also feeling a lot better physically and emotionally. Worried about a friend of mine, but all will be well. I now understand why I was feeling so stressed the last couple of days. And it is a beautiful night out there. Fixed a nice dinner and ate out on the back patio, with my party lights on and watched Big Bang Theory.

Well, really there is not much to say tonight. Very tired, think I will go back out to the patio and try to meditate and connect. I just know that I love the way I am feeling right now and am very grateful for it. After being depressed for a week, it is a big relief to feel better. Once again I feel connected to the Universal Source and want to keep it that way.

I wish all of you Peace, Love, and Happiness. May all of your troubles evaporate and may success and bliss take their place.


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