Monday, April 22, 2013

Really Good Night

This evening has started out really good and there's no reason why it won't continue. First, a good day at work. I love my job. Have I said that before? :)      Then talking to Brad S.  And then so much to think about so Annie and I took a nice long walk. The temperature is perfect and as the sun was setting we sauntered down the hillside to the creek looking for the cows, pulled some branches off the fence and got the electric back up without getting shocked! Good thing 'cause that fence is HOT thanks to my hard work last winter. ( remember when I was ready to throw in the towel and give up because they kept getting out and I couldn't keep the fence up and hot ) And now I see that there will be a meteor shower tonight too! So, since I was climbing through the creek, and hiking all over the place, I just need a quick shower and some yoga pants and I can go back out and watch the stars.

And you know what? I seem to have lost all the thoughts in my head.  I am learning not to push things, to be patient. Since nothing is coming, maybe it's best I put this post to bed and try again tomorrow. I guess I used up all my energy on that walk. I must say that I really love when I have a lot of wonderful insights, so that my fingers can hardly keep up with my thoughts as I type them. I feel a bit odd right now though, as if I am experiencing a dream state. You know, like when you just wake up and the dream is still so fresh and real it's hard to distinguish things? Maybe it's just the diet Mountain Dew and peanut butter fudge I treated myself to.

So not much to say then. We all need to go out and look up at the stars.We are all living beneath the same Big Dipper. We are all connected. I will be there with my beloved soul mate by my side. Won't you join us?


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