Thursday, April 25, 2013

Feeling Good

Today, as I was letting Annie outside, I stepped on the edge of the ramp and it was slick with frost. I shot down that sucker and landed on my ass big time. Then I slid the rest of the way down. At first I thought the only thing hurt was my pride, and Annie stopped mid pee and ran over to me to see if I was ok ( isn't that devoted? ) Got up and brushed off and got ready for work. By the time I got to work, my leg was killing me. Not my clutch leg either. So I limped about and when I told Kari what had happened she seemed really concerned for me. She told me not to get up, she would bring stuff to me. God I love this place! It's so nice to work with kind, loving people. I know, if anyone reads this they are probably getting tired of my blathering on and on about my new job, but hey! it is exciting and wonderful and I deserve it.

I have a lot to think about for my homework this week. And it is actually pretty exciting. I know that I am experiencing a shift, and that things are accelerating for me. Some days nothing comes up, and others a whole lot happens, a whole new experience and a new perspective. My goal is to learn and grow. I need to be patient though. For instance, last Friday I had this amazing experience. Then it was over and I was left feeling a little empty. But along with it came a realization that I needed. And with that realization came peace. And the Inner Guide Empowerment community, well, they are all helping me to advance as well. It is wonderful to have a group of people who so whole heartedly support you. I have never met any of these people in this lifetime, but know that on a soul level, we are all friends. I am destined to do great things here, and that is becoming more evident to me every day ( especially when I am feeling centered and grounded and loved and supported). And I also love and support these fine souls. That is one of the things that calls to me the most. We are all connected.
Someday I hope to meet them face to face. How about that Brad, a fireside chat with everyone physically ( and spiritually ) in one place?  These are wonderful people, who offer their love and their gifts to assist and serve others. That's what it is all about, people.  No more selfishness and strife. We are all in this together and we need to help one another along the way. Each of us is on a journey. Even though someone elses journey may not resonate with you, it is theirs to take. We simply cannot judge their lives, their paths. We are here to take their hand, and help them cross the creek. That just came to me because on our first date, Chip walked me out into the pasture to see the cows and when we got to the creek he took my hand and helped me across. Look at that. Just the very beginning of our adventure.

We are the products of all of our experiences. The goal is to learn and grow and advance. We choose. Had a bad experience? That sucks. No one deserves bad things. But bad things happen. And it is how we allow those things to affect us that makes us who we are. Are we going to choose to be the victim, or the victor? All part of the journey. Take them, learn from them, heal and grow.  And though I have experienced a lot of personal tragedy in the last several years, I will not allow that to quash my faith. I have a purpose here, and that purpose is beginning to shine through and make itself known to me. With the help of some beloved friends ( here and there) , I WILL discover my truth and I will become a powerful and awesome soul and will shine my love and light for all to see. And to heal.

Can you tell I have had an inspiration??
Soldier on people.
And a very special "thank you" to my teachers. You know who you are.

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