Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lots To Say

Don't know how long the inspiration will last, but right now there are tons of things on my mind.


First,  the first week at my new, awesome job. Lots to learn. Just need to do them a couple of times and get confident. Still can't believe how wonderful everyone I work with is.

Wow, someone is looking out for me :)  Just got 2 encouraging phone calls, really pleasant surprises. And a really nice card from Beth. Great way to kick off the weekend - tears of happiness and gratitude.

Speaking of the weekend, time to get some fuel and get the mowers going. With all the rain and then sunshine, the grass is growing really well ( yes, love ) and while it is great to have lots of pasture for the cows and horses, now the lawn needs tending. It amazes me how the fields can go from dismal and bare, to full, lush and green in such a short time. So looks like Cin will be working in the yard this weekend. Maybe I can get the chainsaw going and get some of those felled trees cut up and moved out of the yard.

I am going to plant a new garden this year to honor Chip. Will be looking for blue flowers. He always thought that the blue ones were neat and so do I . Brandy's garden is all hot pink, and the pond garden is mostly yellow, so this one will look pretty good in blue.

Should I raise some guinea fowl? They may be fun and would be the farm mascots. Very fitting since the farm is named Guinea Run Farm. I am going to get us some t-shirts made so when we go to fair we will look "official".

Feeling a lot of amazing things in the way of my Spirituality. But the right words aren't coming at the moment. Ok, so now I am just going to let this post rest for a while and go for a walk. I always talk about needing to go with the flow, and now Brad S. has given me some great tools to do just that. And I am sensing that this is what I need to do right now.

4/13/13 Yeah, well, I didn't get back to blogging last night. But that's ok 'cause I just sat and thought for a long time. My printer is driving me crazy - won't let me print anything all of a sudden. I am ready to throw it and this stupid computer out the window. Maybe I will...... Fuck yeah! I feel like bashing something with a sledgehammer. Get some of this nervous energy out. I think I am going to grab the sledge and go out to the rock pile and have at it. That should burn off a little nervous energy.

And.... I'm back 8 hours later. Got the computer reset and the printer now works. And I took a long long walk and burned off some energy. So many things on my mind right now. I know, I know, I have to relax and go with the flow.  So why am I feeling like this? I dictated a lot of thoughts into my digital recorder and will have to weed through that and make some notes. Just seems like the last couple of days I have been really unsettled. So glad that Brad S. gave me some great advice. Now I have to take it and put it to work. This should be easy. After all, look at how the Universe came through for me with the job and some other things that I prayed for. So I think that's it for tonight.

Hope you all are having a great weekend.

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