Monday, April 1, 2013

Looks Like Spring Out There

It sure does, sunshine and grass going all green. Now if it were a little warmer than 47 degrees. 20 more degrees and I could be out on the patio reading and relaxing.

People keep coming up to me and telling me they are going to miss me at work. I really had no idea how many people actually liked me. I try to stay out of the line of fire, so to speak. Beth is going to be the hard one to leave. She is my favorite person there. We need to keep in touch. But I can't wait to start my new job. It will be nice to be somewhere that my efforts will be appreciated, and I will have a feeling of accomplishment.

This, like Spring, symbolizes a new beginning. I have lost weight, and just today while looking in the mirror, realized that my eyes are not as puffy, my face a little smoother than it has been. I look less stressed. Time to work on some other areas of my life that I wish to improve. Going to keep building the muscles. After Buck blew my back out I gained weight and lost muscle. Time to reverse that and become strong and fit again. I stopped writing and had my session with Brad, and now I am back. But no one knew that - unless you are psychic. Which by the way- awesome!!

If anyone reads this and is in need of a most incredible therapist, I HIGHLY recommend Brad Simkins.

If you look at my blog posts, you  can see how far I have come in these past few months. I can truly say that Brad has had a huge impact in my life and his help has been an integral part in my healing and success. I can not tell you enough, what a sense of peace and relief I have found through working with him. Please check out his website- you will not be disappointed.

And I had more to say, but suddenly I am depleted. The last few days of "partying" have seemingly caught up with me. Ah, time for a bit of tv and then to bed with my book. Something "naughty" L/C and I did tonight: for dinner, I had a huge dark chocolate butter cream filled egg. And nothing else. So the calories will balance out then, right? Hey, wait till you see the muscles I am developing. Literally and figuratively. I can burn off that chocolate easy. Memory: Chip used to always say he was afraid when I made a fist. He'd say " you ball up that little fist and you could punch right through me!" Nah, never, love. All I had to do was smile that smile and I had you right where you wanted to be ;)

Be excellent!

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