Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Feeling much better tonight. Had a rough, toss and turn, mostly sleepless night last night and I know I looked like crap this morning. Oh well. Got to work ready to take it on! And it was a really good day. I learned a few things, and they made sense, and I got a lot done. Still lots to learn and lots to do, but I am hopeful that my mental block is gone for good and I am free once more.

Waiting for Inner Guide Empowerment Radio show to come on at 8:00. Really love that and getting to participate with the other callers and hosts. Gotta love Brad Simkins.

It is really dark and stormy out tonight. Was really hoping that I could try to get the mower started and mow, but it looks like that will have to wait. Hey, I can always put up a strand of electric fence and let the cows and horses in the yard. What would the neighbors say?

Prudy just told me that several people at the 4-H meeting last night asked her about buying some steers. Well, not bad, but if I let them go by the head, then I won't get as much as if I sell them all in a trailer load. Unless the buyer wants to pay premium, which is definitely what they are worth. Yeah, I think we are going to go another route and start producing show cattle. My business plan is starting to shape up. OK Universe, where is my business partner? We need to get planning for hay season. Good Lord, now I know why Chip used to get so worked up. I was the one to always reassure him about the farm stuff, and he was always there to reassure me about everything else. I know exactly what he would have said ( was saying ) to me yesterday.  " Calm down, Red, just go with the flow. You can do it. "  Hugs to you dear. I know.

Have been so preoccupied with other concerns that I have not worked much on connecting. That is all part of the whole "go with the flow" concept.  I need to relax and allow. Everything I need will come to me. I had been so "clenched", stressed and fearful lately that I was pushing away, closing off. Open now. Would love to get some new insights. Really feel the energy tonight. It's gonna be a good night. I will go forward with open heart and open mind and let the Universe guide me. Last night most of my feelings were not my own, they did not belong to me. I do realize this, just got so overwhelmed that I couldn't protect myself. Like dominoes, they just all took a life of their own and tumbled crazily.

So, Remember this! I feel great right now. All is well and I feel the positive energy and love of Source. Amazing what 24 hours and a good life coach can do. And myself, too because I am Cin, and I am AWESOME!

Be Excellent to each other.

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