Sunday, April 28, 2013

Follow Your Heart

Yeah. Not sure how to do that one just yet, but I'm trying. I have followed my heart in the past. And it has worked out very well for me. What is my path, how do I get there?  Many, many things to consider, many things to discover. Just need to be confident, believe and trust my intuition. Still getting some mixed signals from the Universe. But I need to remember to look at things from all angles with an open mind. There may be several ways to interpret it. The Universe has been sending me the people and experiences that I need in order to accomplish my goals, even the ones I don't yet know that I have. I have to have faith that they won't let me down.

So I have several new insights as to what my path may be and I am so excited to begin. Again, patience Cin. My homework assignment this week is really helping that. Not the patience part. I mean the part where I am identifying things that I want to do with my life. I know I want to serve others. I want to write. Have always wanted to be a writer, and maybe things are going to unfold to allow that to come to fruition.And that can be in addition to the other things I want to accomplish.  Have to remember that nothing is out of bounds. And I know that once I realize what my purpose is, once and for all, that will put into motion all of the things that I need to be successful. Look at this as the magnificent adventure that it is.

I formally offered the farm in Indiana for sale yesterday. Now to wait and see if my prospective buyer decides to go for it and comes up with the funds. Praying that he does. I offered it at a very friendly price just for him, so he is getting an excellent deal. I believe in helping a fellow young farmer along as best I can. And there is much to do with the proceeds once it is sold. Ah, Cindy, your six year old self is nagging at you like a child in a candy store. No, little one, we are responsible and will put the funds to good use. But if you are good, maybe I will get you a pony. Hee Hee.

Watched The Man From Snowy River today. Oh God. Love that movie. Love Tom Burlinson. Another crush of mine. Sharing intimate memories here:  This was one of the movies Chip and I watched at my house on our first date. We had our first kiss to this movie. I fell in love to this movie.
It is such a good hearted movie too.  And Tom is so yummy. And the horses.

Sometimes I wonder what some people's motives are. There are the old friends ( not you Beth) who only want to use me as a sounding board for their complaints and negativity. The one in particular I had to cut off completely for a lot of reasons, along with the fact that she was bringing me down. She has mostly been keeping to herself but every once in a while she will try to get in touch. She should have figured that one out by now.Until she can realize that she was leaning too hard on me when I really needed someone to lean on myself. Until she can actually say something to me about Chip, instead of pretending nothing is wrong because she couldn't handle it herself.  I am looking for friends that will be positive and loving. Supportive and fun. People who can laugh and joke and be joyous about their lives. ( that's you Beth)
I need more "Beths" in my life. But she is one in a million and I am so blessed to call her friend.
And there are a couple of other people out there that I would like to be able to determine if they are friends or what. Would make me feel a little better. And there are the people in the Inner Guide Empowerment community. Like I said before, I have never met these people in person, but feel like I know them. They treat me as if I am part of the gang, and that makes me feel so good. And at work. Everyone there is so nice and fun. Had a long talk with " Blue" Friday night and it was really nice.

Thinking about last Friday night again and the really neat experience I had. I love having that strong connection and want to feel that all the time. Funny that it coincided with my unexpected phone call and message.  * Remind me of who I am. *  See my wings unfold and watch me fly.

Time to pay some bills and clean the house.
Love to all.....

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