Saturday, April 20, 2013

Learning and Growing

Had a real epiphany this morning and not only is it a great realization, but it also brings me great relief. No secret that I have been a little "off" lately, and now I know why. It is not what I at first thought it was, but in fact an entirely different subject altogether. That is why, while trying to understand and counteract my feelings, I was not getting the desired results and was receiving mixed messages. Ah, yes, the Universe. It was telling me one thing and I was interpreting it as another, completely different thing. And I can not be prouder of myself for finally realizing it! Yowza! All you gotta do is follow your intuition, Cin. The answer was there all along. And the tightness in my chest has been relieved. Now I still have to get to the bottom of my real issue, as there are two resolutions to the problem, but I sense that I have just picked up the tools to do that. Thank you, Spirit!!

Yes, I am experiencing a shift here. I have felt it for many months now and it seems that my insights and abilities are growing exponentially. Hit a few roadblocks along the way, and certainly interpreting my feelings incorrectly was one of them, but I believe that I am on the correct road now. I know that right now, at this moment, the journey is mine alone to take. It is part of my purpose, and one that I must plug along on, until I learn the lesson that this particular moment in time is trying to teach me. And become the person that I am destined to be. That road may be a lonely one, at least for a while, until I come into my own and find myself, my true nature. But I am never alone truly, for my guide, my soul mate,  my beloved Chip, is always by my side. He has always been there for me, encouraging me to come into my power. And soon we shall soar like golden eagles ;)  But, golly, now I have added another tool to my arsenal. And I feel empowered.

 Also had a strange, and exciting and welcome experience last night. I will just say that I "was introduced to some new friends". Or maybe I should say "old friends".  Not really sure how to put that, but for now that is the best way for me. But this is getting really exciting and I am eager to learn more, grow more, become more, for I know that in doing so I am not only becoming better myself, but also increasing my ability to serve others. And after all, isn't that what it's all about?

And Syd called me a good sport last night. We played a dance game on her X-box and I danced to "Time Warp" and won! Ok, seriously, I cannot dance at all and it was hilarious watching me fumble around, but it was so much fun. And Prudy taped it. She is going to post it on Facebook, and that is why Syd thinks I am a good sport. But actually, you gotta have fun. It is part of being alive, and I certainly need to feel alive.

So  I feel that I am really learning a lot lately. Just need to keep on going. Such a relief that my worries have nothing to do with what I thought, and that makes it much easier on one hand to deal with life. Yeah, I still have my stresses and concerns over the farm, but there are a lot of options there to consider and, just like I need to do with everything else, I will release it to the Universe and ask for divine guidance and relax and allow. Man, that "gut feeling" thing really does work!

I am so grateful right now ( and always) for that connection to the divine and to Spirit. We are not alone, and we are all connected. And just look at what a difference in perspective does for the psyche and the soul. I know that last night was some sort of message, and I will ask that the answers, and the greatest good will come to me. And to you all.

In the spirit of that awesome song and tv show:

Baby look at me
And tell me what you see
You ain't seen the best of me yet
Give me time, I'll make you forget the rest

I've got more in me
And you can set it free
I can catch the moon in my hands
Don't you know who I am

Remember my name

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