Sunday, April 7, 2013

Such a Beautiful Day

My gosh, finally! A beautiful day here in Okeana. Right now I have the windows open and the house fan on, blowing the winter funk from the house. Next, a good vacuuming and dusting. So far a very good weekend. Mitch made me an offer for Nick and I sold him. I prefer to sell the calves all in a trailer load, but since Nick is in Prudy's garage, this is the better option. He was killing me in feed costs anyway. Now little Marty is on his own in there, but that gives us a better opportunity to get him in really good shape for the fair.

So already today we took a long walk around the loop and into the woods. Fed the horses a pack of skittles - pure sugar in a rainbow of flavors- what's not to love? Joe was eyeing me again. I really dislike having to worry about walking my own place. Oh well, very soon Joe will be in a trailer and on his way to his next adventure. Last night Buck clobbered me a good one in the face. Annie jumped up at him and startled him, just as I was blowing into his nostril, and BAM!! Saw stars with that one.

Bought myself a beautiful ametrine crystal yesterday. It really called out to me as I walked by and I just had to have it. It is mainly purple, with just a small amount of the yellow citrine in it. 6 sided. Really comfortable in my hands. They had a large piece of clear quartz crystal too that I really liked, but it was extremely phallic, and even though it gave me a good laugh, I decided to go with the amethyst.

Ok, so time for a good, long hard look at the other farm. Need to weigh the pros and cons of keeping versus selling. Just created a plan, and I am pretty much as confused as ever. I guess the point is, I have time. I have the rest of my life, actually. However long that may be. No worries. The way things have been going for me, I know that the greates good will come. The answer is there, I just need to allow it, and it will come. Then I will know.

Well, my head is throbbing. Nothing even remotely wise is coming out of this one. I think I have used all my brain waves thinking earlier, so I will put this post to bed and try again later. Maybe some brilliant insight will hit me while I am vacuuming.


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