Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Think I Can

Actually got to think for myself today. In DR court we were not allowed to do anything without getting permission. Today I had to go to my old office and drop off a decree and there was a document that the plaintiff needed to sign before our decree would be approved. I contacted the attorney to see if he could get the signature so I could turn in the papers. He instructed his client to come to my office and sign the document. Not knowing when she was going to arrive, and needing to go to the court anyway, I made the decision ( yes, really ) to take the docs to DR, and fill out a c16 for the Judge requesting she accept as is. This way it was on its way to being approved and not still sitting on my desk for several more days. Now if the Judge approves, no worries. If not, I can run the signed form back another time, but at least in the meantime the decree is in process. Also got to see Beth, who I miss terribly. I have been so busy this week learning new things ( head swimming ) that I haven't taken time to call her. Love you Beth!!!

The girls at the office are so very nice and really encouraging. I know what it is like when you are busy and you have to train a new person. It's hard. They are all being so patient and kind. I can't wait to learn everything and start really working to full capacity.

Really nice chat with Brad S. last night. Got some amazing insights, and actually felt really great.One thing I noticed is that I had a lot of what I can only describe as anxiety and tension in my body, like I had a shot of adrenaline. Didn't feel consciously nervous about anything so not sure what that was about , but it kept me up past midnight. Anyone who knows me knows I am usually in bed by 10. I should have used the time to put on some tunes and dance around, but I went outside and stood under the stars for a long time, and that was quite meaningful. So yeah, had some deep thoughts, but those are for my personal journal. Are good things coming? Is my purpose going to make itself clear? My wings are unfolding and I am ready to fly. Wherever my path and my beloved lead me, I shall follow.
 And I WILL HAVE FUN !! ;)

Love to all

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