Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What To Say, What To Say

Great night last night on the radio. Met another blessed soul. This community is such a loving group. Don't know what I would do without them. But the Universe sends to you the people that you need in your life to help you along on your journey. Hopefully I am helping them in some way as well.

Just sent in a petition to adopt an elderly, unwanted dog at a shelter. He has limited time here and needs a loving home to spend his last days. He just spoke to my heart when I saw his picture and read the story. My first impression ( intuition ) was gotta go for this. If I can help this old guy have a wonderful rest of his life, then I will have accomplished something. Second thought was " what are you doing, are you crazy? Go through the heartache of losing a beloved pet?" But intuition trumps ego, baby. If this works out and he still needs a home, I am willing to serve this sweet old guy.


HOBO is back at the shelter. We don't think we will be able to find him a home. The shelter is full, he is not comfortable with people. Hobo lives his life on a chain then he went to foster and is now back. He doesn't have much time at all. He is older and he is not doing well here. PLEASE HURRY if you can help him!! Contact Daviess County Animal Control in Owensboro KY 270-685-8275 or


So there. Hopefully he will either get a forever home with someone close by, or I will get him and have a new friend and mouth to feed. Ah, well. Gotta follow my heart.
Evidently my blog went over well last night with some people. I may have even earned some street cred. ( ? )  Just kidding guys, I am a good girl. But I am open to any suggestions as to how I can be naughty. In a good way. Anything less than the best is a felony.
Hey, just thought about this! One of my dreams, if I had everything I needed to succeed and no fear, is to open a shelter for elderly animals and people. I mean a wonderful place where the elderly can live in a beautiful environment, with everything they could possibly want or need and lots of loving people to interact with and care for them. A paradise. This is one of the things that is closest ot my heart. And just now, I am being reminded of it, and feel like maybe this is something that I may do someday.
Just looked outside and it is beautiful! The sun is getting ready to set and the sky is deep blue with big white fluffy cartoon clouds, and the grass in the fields is glowing with the sun rays. Beautiful. Amazing how in just a few days there is now plenty of grass for the animals to eat. Now to think about hay season. It's a bit chilly tonight though. Waiting for these kind of nights when it is warm and I can sit on the sun porch and read and watch tv. Chip and I used to spend a lot of time out there in the nice weather. Especially nice when the cows are right there in the back.
Well, gotta go watch "The Middle" and take a shower and do my homework.
Love to all!! 

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