Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Well ...

Ok, I think I have made up my mind. Selling the farm in Indiana. Taking the proceeds and using them to improve my farm and home. Good idea, yes? My six year old self is pestering me in the background, telling me to just sell everything and run away to a beach in Florida. Hmmmmm.

Today I got to ride along with Kari to Hamilton County to see what their domestic relations case management office was like. Ran into another attorney that I knew and she asked what I was doing there and I told her I wasn't in DR any more. She said " Oh! Good for you, bad for me."  Feeling the love :)

Then when we got back Brad asked me to go along the some more courts and while sitting next to him waiting for his case to be called, another attorney I know came over and looked down at me, patted me on the back, and said sadly " I'm not even gonna ask...", and then sat down next to his client. Brad and I started cracking up - he thought I was in court for a felony. I wanted to go over and correct him but I didn't. Anyone who knows me knows that I have never been in trouble ( I am the proverbial good girl ) and plan to keep it that way.

Mitch came and picked up Nick tonight. I was listening to the show so Prudy and Mike were on their own but I guess he loaded right up and now is off to his new home where he will be pampered and loved. I hope our own calf does not beat us at the fair this year. but Hell, that just shows what kind of calves we produce.

Need to center and ground myself. Feeling a little stress the last couple of days, but that is to be expected after starting a new job. I just want to learn quickly and do well. I just need to settle in and get a routine going.

Actually, I am pretty tired and not having much come to me tonight and last night was a pretty emotional post for me. Guess I will leave it at that and get to bed.

Sweet dreams

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