Sunday, April 28, 2013

Follow You Follow Me

Extremely satisfying week this week.

Listening to Genesis- Follow You follow Me. Wow, listen to the words. Like Chip and I are speaking to one another. Yes, I will follow you. Will you stay with me? So many songs that make me think. Such a great feeling.

Know how I keep saying I am trying to discover my true purpose in life? Well, I think I am coming up with some great insights. Let's see. The Universe will let me know. I have always loved teaching and training. When I developed that seminar for excellent customer service and gave it to the entire bank, it was a great success and the president and CFO loved it. And I had a blast. I certainly am not afraid of public speaking if I know my material.  And also being a healer and caretaker. I love making people feel better, making them happy. A kind word and a smile, or something much bigger. So now. There is still much to do. So much to learn. And I am impatient. Remember, one of the things I need to work on is patience. So I need to relax and allow, and receive. Really need to try meditating. My mind makes it difficult for me to settle in and relax.  But this is important.

Someone told me Friday that I am one of the sweetest people she knows. And you ain't seen nothing yet. It's ok to be that way.

Bought the kids a lawnmower today and we got their lawn cut. While Mike was mowing, I took Marty out and walked him up and down the driveway. He is doing so well. It was pure bliss standing by the creek at the bottom of the driveway and just being near him. He pressed his body against mine and rubbed his ear on my knee, scratching himself. And I could feel him relaxing, could feel his joy at being out in the grass and being free. Yeah, I can do a few head of show cattle. When I think about it, I would love to go back into training and riding horses. But maybe I am a bit too old for that. Buck blew my back out pretty good and it took a long time to get back to normal. And now that I am on my own, if I get hurt it would be even harder to get things done. I have too much responsibility to be careless. Yeah, it is a dream, but I am not 16 anymore. When big ol Rusty and I would go riding bareback we would come out of the forest by the park and then go flat out flying down the Boulevard. God, I remember how that felt. He was probably my soul horse. When I was on him I could tell every move he was going to make before he did it just by the way his muscles tensed. We were unstoppable! Too bad he was nuts. But he was a good horse and he was really good for me. First horse I broke. We had so many adventures. Two crazy redheads.

                                                                  Rusty 1985

Was not able to get the equipment attachment arms dropped on my tractor yesterday. Darn! Wanted to get the bush hog attached and mow a little. Ok deep breaths and relax and go read the manual. Someone probably locked a safety somewhere when all those people were using the tractor loading up their stuff they bought from me. That's why I don't like anyone to use my equipment.

Well, I have been working on this post since yesterday morning. It was a busy day and I would come in and work on it for a few minutes and then go do more work. Now that it is Sunday morning, maybe I will post this and then start fresh with a new post later today. Let's hope I figure out the tractor.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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