Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Content and Restful

That is the feeling for tonight. Had a lot to do today at work and I feel like I accomplished quite a bit. Got the grass mowed, except for the push mowing and that will wait until tomorrow, as my back is still a bit ouchie from the rodeo this weekend. And my leg finally turned purple from the kick it took from that crazy heifer.

And I have this wonderful, restful feeling, which is very welcome. Spirit is whispering in my ear, and tickling my back as I type this. Hmmm, not being nudged to say anything in particular though. There is a feeling of calm and peace.

Last night's radio show was just awesome. Nancy Newman the Toe Lady was on and did toe readings. Now, feet kind of creep me out, so it was hard to call in and talk about my toes, but boy did  I learn a lot, and it was quite insightful. And Nancy has such a great personality, she made me feel absolutely at ease discussing my crazy feet. Her website is You should visit and see for yourself. It is so wonderful to meet all of these amazing people through Brad's radio show, Inner Guide Empowerment Radio.

So no words are coming, gonna take the hint and go to bed early tonight. My Kindle has been feeling left out lately, so I think I will spend some time reading and resting. Loving this feeling, please keep it up. Very grateful. Grateful for my job, the people I work for and with, my friends and family, the opportunity to live on a beautiful farm and care for all of the blessed animals there, and all of the other wonderful blessings that come my way. I wish for all of you to know a sense of peace and contentment.

Love and appreciation to all.

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