Sunday, June 9, 2013

I Had A Dream Last Night

Had a couple of dreams actually, but the one I need to journal here is I awoke saying " Sever the link to the fear". Well, I heard it in my head, someone else's voice, and then I repeated it. Along with that I had the vision of scissors cutting a wire or thread or something similar, symbolic of "the link". And I actually woke myself up saying the words.So this is the second time that I remember actually waking up shouting out something. Really, I need someone else here to see what else I am saying in my sleep. I may just be having some really profound conversations with spirit and not know it. And the dog isn't telling.  My first impression was that it was something that  either Chip or Brad, "the Grissom" was telling me. Will have to ask him about that tomorrow. It could have several meanings in my life right now and as I am typing this, many hours after the fact, I am confused. What is the link? Is it a person? A belief system? Childhood conditioning? And which fear? All fear? Just one area?  Ack! I think that by putting this into words, I have just made it more convoluted.  But the important thing is that I am aware that someone is trying to get messages to me and communicate. And that is very very welcome.

Another thing that is important to remember is the random "thoughts" that pop into my head. They may not just be my imagination. First thing one does when that happens is usually to decline to believe that it is a communication, and to just chalk it up to imagination or your own thoughts. But maybe it is not. Maybe those "Hi, I am thinking of you" thoughts that pop up are actually from someone. I am learning that you can not question these things. Just accept and allow and encourage them. Thing is with me, is it is so hit and miss. But it is happening more regularly, or at least I am acknowledging it more. All of this is so exciting. Something that would be great is if I had someone to practice with. Send each other loving thoughts and see if we each  get the messages.

Well, there is a rainstorm outside, no thunder yet but I am hoping, and it is cooling down. Why was it 80 degrees when I was pushing the lawn mower earlier? Well, bless his heart though, my nephew came to cut my sister in law's grass and he did my hillside by the street for me, which saved my back a lot of ouchiness. It was really hurting me today so I took a rest and by the time I came back out to do the hill, Ben had already done it. Thank you, Ben! Really feeling tired. Have not gotten to bed until after midnight 3 nights in a row and now it has caught up. It is only 6:00 but I think I need to go lay down on the patio and listen to the storm and read my book. Getting ready to start an Abraham Hicks book so I want to finish up this Wayne Dyer one about the law of attraction.

Oh my! I also still have some homework to do. I wonder if  my guru, The Grissom, will let me off the hook and give me an extension, since my last assignment was so incredibly intense. I have been really good, honest. But right now I can barely keep my eyes open and a nap appears to be in order. Perhaps afterward I shall be refreshed and raring to go.

Need to tell all of my beloved friends that I love and appreciate you. Thank you for accepting me into your lives, and becoming a part of mine, and for sharing this journey with me.

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