Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lazy Sunday Lots Of Rest

This will be a short post. Reminder to self - when bringing home leftover food from restaurant lunch, which includes wasabi mayonnaise, do not stop at the used book store, stay for a good long time while said food remains in car in 90 degree weather, forget to place food in refrigerator for another hour after arriving home, then remove food from fridge, reheat and eat later. Very uncomfortable night.

So I used the morning for resting. I sat and paged through the books I got from the used bookstore and did a lot of journaling. Lots of good insight came to me today, which I will enter here in a future post. Made for a really nice day, even had time for a nap. Thing is, these kind of days go so quickly, just like when you are super busy having fun. Like one minute it is 10 a.m. and I am picking up a book and thinking, and zoom, it is 8:00. Still wish I could go back to Friday night and relive that all over again, but there will be many more of those wonderful times to come.

Had a real epiphany this morning, just popped into my head while thinking about my tattoo - a real AHA! moment, and am trying to translate it into words so I can post it here. Maybe tomorrow. I love these days, when things come to me, and I feel close and connected to spirit. And then I did run to the store today for cat food and ran into Nancy, and we had a really nice chat which included talking about our dear soul mates. And she also mentioned a topic that I was thinking hard about today. Must be a sign. Will talk more about that later too. Right now, I would like to go and BE with my beloved.


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