Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dear Friend

Just got back from Beth's daughter's graduation party. That was really fun. I miss Beth so much and I wish somehow she could come and work with me. And I did not realize just how very much I missed her until I was leaving to come home and I felt like I was going to cry. She is one of those special people. Hopefully we will get to spend more time together now that summer is here and we can catch up on all the crazy stuff that goes on at the court. We have a dinner date for next week, and I can't wait! Oh, Beth, I miss you so so much. And on the way home, I had one of those impulses to just keep on driving. You know, I could get the dog and throw a couple of treasured items in the Mustang and just drive, go on an adventure, sell everything and start over. Oh, yeah, I know, I know, that is not the answer. And this is home. And this place is pretty awesome. Where else could I find a nature preserve as beautiful as this:
                             Early Morning:    Breakfast on Guinea Run Farm

Well, the last two nights I have kept busy. And it has been fun. I have not felt the strong connection to Chip the last two days and am starting to get a little worried. Is it just because I was out really late last night in a huge crowd and there was so much going on I just could not connect? And today I was just a little down, so maybe my vibration was too dense. Remember the last couple of weeks I have felt him very close. And of course on Wednesday and Thursday nights he was obviously close. Oh, I do so love that feeling of closeness. Ah patience. Baby steps.

So there. Started to get impatient again, didn't you? Well, no worries, be kind to yourself. You did journal quite a bit this morning. Actually got up at 7 and did not get to bed until after 1. Sounds like a good night for a shower, early bed and some reading. Hope my beloved will come snuggle with me.

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