Saturday, June 1, 2013

Where Did The Day Go?

Second post of the day. Sitting on the back patio, the sun is starting to go down but the sky is still blue and the birds are singing their evening song. What on earth did I do all day? I spent some time on facebook, and read a little, and I worked on a letter that I needed to write. And I napped a little. Well, not really nap, just daydream.

It is really beautiful out here right now. Missing having someone sitting next to me. Now the sky is turning pink. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed this lazy day, it has been a little lonely. Really, yesterday was such a fun day. So many reasons. One of those days that I hope to remember forever and also hope that the same wonderful things happen often. I really felt like a kid.  And some people said and did some things that really made me feel special. Ah, the things I want to say, just don't seem to want to come out just now. Don't push it.

Think it is time to call a contractor and look into getting the bathrooms done. I have the shower in the master bath half torn out and part of the tiles in the other bath pulled. Now, should I just get one big bath put in, or keep it at a master and a guest bath? Need some ideas.

Gina called me last night. I am so glad she got back in touch. I have really missed her and after our nice long chat last night we learned  how much we have in common. She even went to the psychic fair. It is great to know that I have friends out there. People who care. Hope they all know how much I care about them.
And nothing else wants to come. Just a lot of "I" this and "I" that. And really, my goal is to use this blog as more than just a personal account and recording of feelings and memories. My hope is that it becomes a source of inspiration and comfort to people. But for tonight, nothing inspirational wants to come.

Well, now it is completely dark and there is lightening flashing across the sky. This breeze is so wonderful. I think I will just close this post and sit and watch the storm come in.

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