Saturday, June 15, 2013

Yeah Baby!

Some people who actually see me may have noticed that I am losing weight. Well.  I tried on a pair of shorts I bought years ago because they were marked down from $40.00 to $3.99, which were (way) too small when I got them. I figured that, what the heck, maybe someday I would lose some weight. Woo Hoo! Those shorts not only fit, but they are a little too big. So. Ya. Now I just need to build up the muscle I lost when I was sick, and that shouldn't be too hard. As a matter of fact, In a few minutes I have to go down to the farm and meet the kids to get that wild heifer haltered. Then on to some bush hogging. And there is always poop to shovel.

And..... I'm back. Love it. No one knew I was gone, did they?  And wow, what a rodeo. I got kicked a good one in the leg, which just pissed me off and made me more determined to catch that girl. And I did. Woot Woot! And then got the bush hog hooked up and did a little mowing.

Oh My God. I tried to download the video of the rodeo and instead lost the entire rest of this post! Aughhh.  Well, here are some pictures, will try the video another time. And I had some pretty marvelous stuff on here too. Now I have to try and remember.

Ok, so my stalker "friend" has resurfaced again and you may have noticed that over the last week I have been posting a lot about loyalty, trust, and true friends. Well, she also had my old boss, whom I have not spoken to in 6 years, call me. Why does she not understand? She hurt me and I cannot trust her. There are very few people in this world that I can really trust. And I am very grateful for them. And you know, I am naive, and vulnerable, but when I trust, I do so whole hearted. When I find true friends, I will give them my heart and soul, and my loyalty. Please do not hurt me. If you care about me, then let me know. If you do not, or if you have ulterior motives, then please, move on. I send you love and peace. But I must surround myself with people that I can trust and care about, and you know what?  I AM a freakin' awesome friend!!

Ok, today is 8 months. And the more appropriate way to view this is that Chip's passing is in some ways considered a celebration, as he has moved on to the next leg of his journey and new adventure. For him, he is at peace, he knows all that is going on, he has realized new abilities that he could not possess in the physical. He does not have to follow the physical laws of space-time. He is pure love and energy. And he has chosen to stay with us and work with us. Love and protect us. We have many more adventures to experience together. Much work to do. And the words will come, the books will be written, the seminars held, people helped. Yes, this is just the beginning. Patience, all will come as it is meant to.

And as always, I hope my dear friends will come along for the ride.

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