Saturday, June 8, 2013

Say What You Need To Say

Listening to Say from John Mayer and it really does have a lot of meaning. I know I just posted about this subject a few days ago, but it certainly bears repeating.

Life is short people. If you truly care about someone, let them know. You really never can say too much. Do you know how much it means to someone when you tell them how you feel? You may make their day, or their week, or even help them to decide that it is all going to be ok. Don't waste it. Don't let the moment slip away. I for one, am trying to express to my friends just how much they mean to me. Thank people for their kindness. Compliment them. Share with them. Give lots of hugs. There can never be too many. I got the chance to tell Chip how I felt. And he told me too. And gifted me with a wonderful reminder this week of how powerful his love for me still is.  If anyone thinks I am crazy for expressing my feelings, well, let them. This new me, this awakening being, is beginning to realize that raising our vibrations through love and light is the way to heal ourselves, each other and the world.

Also have been going through some old pictures today. Oh gosh, so many memories. 

  30 years ago. Me and my big red horse, Rusty. Notice that our hair is the same color? Really.  And notice the smug look on my face?  That's because this was Rusty's first ride. I broke him myself. Bareback baby!  I love big powerful things between my legs. Chip is laughing about that joke right now.

More than 21 years ago. The view from the apple orchard of the old stone farmhouse. Circa 1860.My god, my little brown Nissan pick up is in the background there too.

About 15 years ago. " I just got borned"  Brand new baby, just out, still wet. The look on his face! What the hell just happened here???!!! I think Chip and I may have helped to pull him.

About 8 years ago. Papaw and Syd feeding the baby. I think this was Tiny Tim. Just the beginning.

Ok, too many memories, overwhelmed. Need to go take a nice long walk.



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