Sunday, June 16, 2013


You got that right Brad! Above is the YouTube link to the video of the rodeo from last night. For some reason I was only able to get the movie uploaded through YouTube and then had to link it to Facebook and Fields of Gold. It is edited down to about a fourth of it's original length, and in the end we got her caught and tied to the gate and calm and happy. Now the breaking to lead and other fun stuff begins. Yeah, I would have chased her all night if I had to. What a great feeling. Another one of those times that most normal people would look at as torture, but made me feel so ALIVE!

Good golly! Was up until 3:30 this morning fooling with that thing, but I was much too worked up to get to bed anyway. Suddenly I have become some sort of night owl. Before, I was in bed by 9 or 10 at night, but since I have all these exciting and wonderful people to keep me occupied and happy, I seem to have lots more energy. And I owe that happiness, peace, contentment and energy to my friends. Oh wow. Life was so good, peaceful and wonderful before Chip passed. Then life got dark and lonely and rough. And then people started showing up in my life. First Brad S., who has become a staple in my world. He has helped me, led me, guided me and transformed me into someone who can once again look at life with eyes of wonder and awe, and know that there is a wonderful, fulfilling future in store. Thank you my friend. And the radio community that Brad introduced me to. So many fantastic people,wonderful, loving souls gathering together to share the love and light of their hearts.  And the crew at CK, who make me feel like a part of the team, who make me laugh and smile. You guys are all my rock. May all of your dearest dreams come true.

So even though I have been working through some issues with trust and patience this past couple of weeks, really the important thing to remember is that life is always changing, switching things up. Getting better. It throws little lessons in our path to keep us honest, keep us growing and evolving. One thing that came to me this morning is that, I can forgive. These trust issues really knocked me for a loop this week and it is so much better to let them go, send the offenders love and light , forgive and move on. I liked the feeling I was having last month, when I felt open and free and trusting. Believing. Light and happy.  Though it may be difficult, I choose to accept the fact that I made a mistake, and am not going to allow that to effect my ability to trust in the future. Rather than being jaded, it is more important to let the negative go and draw forth only positive vibrations, positive outcomes. If you allow yourself to think that there are no trustworthy people, or block yourself from trusting to keep from being hurt, you are only harming yourself in the end. It is vital to be true to yourself. Why close yourself off because of the actions (or perceived actions) of someone else? It is better to still be yourself, to love and trust with your whole heart, knowing that the universe will correct any imbalances, teaching you valuable lessons along the way. So I have chosen to set aside the feelings of sheepishness, and " oh god you are so stupid what were you thinking", and start fresh. Forgive myself for allowing my trust issues to overwhelm me, and move on. Start over today with a more realistic perspective, and open my heart back to all the wonderful things that are happening in my life. Love and fear are incompatible. You have room for only one in your life. Choose love.

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