Friday, June 28, 2013

What A Week!

Wow, the last two days have been crazy at work. In a good way. Busy, busy, busy. I learned some new things and got a lot done. Today I got to help all four attorneys in the office with various things. Yesterday was wild, and when I got to the office the best surprise was waiting for me - Reagan and the puppy! And  she had a little craft necklace that we made so she could give it to Melissa. Even though last night I was too exhausted to even write a post here, and went to bed at 9:30, and tonight I am equally exhausted, it was very satisfying. I truly enjoy learning new things and being useful. And Rebecca had me rolling yesterday with her impression of her 4 year old, Ella  ( who is my other dear, sweet little girlfriend). And I snapped a picture of her in action, but promised that I will not post it. Darn, Becky, you were so funny!!!   I WANT A BMW!!!!!!! I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WANT IT!

It feels like this is going to be a good weekend to relax, meditate and connect. Already tonight I feel a connection and am looking forward to deepening that and maybe coming up with some good insights and answers to some questions I have. Been getting some advice from some good friends and I just need to sort through it and make up my own mind. God, I wish Chip were able to tell me what to do. I always could count on him to guide me to the right moves. Well, I think I still can.

Probably going to be a lazy, lonely weekend. It has been raining and that means no cutting hay for a while yet. And also won't be able to mow or bush hog either. And gardening is probably out too. And of course, with the tattoo, I am not supposed to do anything strenuous until after it heals. By the way, it looks really wicked right now - like a peeling sunburn. I was about to panic about it when a big piece of green peeled off. Brad went to Rain and told him and Rain told me to come in for him to look at it. When Rain saw it he said that is normal and not to worry, I am taking good care of it and that is just how they heal. He also told me to come back in several weeks and he will touch it up in any spots that need it. Phew! That is a relief.

So that means that this weekend may be a good one for relaxing, reading, writing, and connecting. And I am going to take Mason out for his birthday to pick out his presents. I have to get the kid a lasso. You would think that would not be too difficult to find around here, but looks like a special order item. Huh! Maybe we can turn him into a little rodeo guy. Wait! Why did I not think of just putting a lasso over that crazy heifer's head when I was trying to get her?  Ah, well, the halter gives better control anyway ( not that it helped when I was playing tug of war with her) .

Feeling very grateful and grounded tonight. Somehow I feel a lot more confident, too. something I have noticed over the last couple of weeks is that the words are having a hard time coming again. At work I will be typing a letter and just can't seem to think of the right ( brilliant) words to say. ( I so want to do a good job and impress my attorneys).  I think I need a Thesaurus. But it looks like this weekend is shaping up to be a good one for going inward and working on some things. My goal is to deepen my spiritual connection and move forward on my path to meet my destiny with open arms and heart and begin our work to help heal the planet. Nothing would please me more that to find that purpose, gain the skills I need to fulfill it, and work toward making a difference in people's lives.

Yes, I AM Cindy, and I AM unstoppable! 

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