Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Just A Quickie

Yeah, used to love those. LOL LOL LOL!!  But seriously, very tired tonight. Busy day at work. Got home and jumped right back in the car with Prudy to run errands. But we did go to Longhorn Steakhouse for a nice dinner. Then rush home for the radio show, which we missed Brad's meditation because I got here late. But the show was awesome and I definitely am going to listen to it again and start using some of the tools that Francis Rico shared with us.

Happy Birthday Dad!!! Love and miss you. I have felt you close lately and want you to know that it means a lot to me. So glad we got close those last few months. Be blessed and know you are loved.

And where did the evening go? It is now 10:30 and since I was up again until after midnight last night, I simply must get to bed. Even Annie is coming in and poking my arm, saying "feed me and let's go to sleep."   First a shower - it is hot out there still. And Pru said I am losing so much weight I am getting too thin! Love ya!

But if you can't feel the energy here, I will tell you that I feel some relief from last night's panic fest. That is because of the awesomeness that is "The Grissom". Ok, I am still impatient as hell. I think everyone I spoke with today told me that, from all my awesome co workers at the CK, to Prudy to Brad. Ah, someday I shall overcome that impatience. I am in training and just need to go with the flow.

But as some wise persons told me, I need to start taking care of me a little better. So goodnight dear blog. A nice cool shower, some Gatorade, OOOHH and a piece of key lime meringue pie, THEN bed. Just for sleep, of course.

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