Tuesday, June 4, 2013

That Was Unexpected

Wowza! The radio show tonight was completely amazing! Alli Cheslick was on and did readings for the callers. I really was not planning on calling in as I was feeling more quiet and contemplative and wanted to give other callers a chance to get on, but I did get on and Alli's messages for me were ( thank you Tammy ) "Bang On"!!  There were a few things I need to think about and make sense of, but there is no doubt that she is validated in her messages. She did not even get to ask me my question ( which was just if Chip had any messages for me, anyway ) before spirit was shooting messages to her, which were totally unexpected from me. I belive that my brother Randy came through, as well as my father and it sounds like my mother. Not really a message from her, but it is strange because when I was on the phone waiting to be pulled into the show, I had a sense that they were there. Didn't feel a presence, like I do with Chip, but just a knowing in my head or heart or whatever that said they were there. And now I feel peace. In many ways. Will have to ask "The Grissom" what he thinks about that, since last night my mother was the main topic of discussion. Maybe now I won't have to do my homework. *Hint*

Here is the link to the show. I encourage everyone to listen, both to the archived shows and also the live shows that Brad has every Tuesday.   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/innerguideempowerment/2013/06/05/keys-to-the-kingdom-of-joy-prosperity-and-self-empowerment    

If you haven't figured it out by now, Brad's show is the highlight of the week. Do yourselves a favor and listen in.

 Really need to process all this information before I write any more tonight. My mind is overflowing and I am overwhelmed with a sense of contentment. Could it be that I just got an answer that I had been seeking from 30 years ago in regards to my brother's death? And my father came through to say hi. Good to hear from you, Dad. I have mentioned you here before. Hope you are well and happy. And mom, well, maybe you were saying " sorry".  And will someone please tell me what the white roses stand for? Anyway love you all. Yes, you too, mom. You were my biggest enemy and probably my greatest teacher because of that. Yeah, well, more about that later. Mostly just between me and The Grissom.

So there is much more to say, but it needs to be processed and digested first. And I am exhausted as I did not get to bed until after midnight again last night. Time to hit the hay. Hmmm, literally and figuratively. Another day.

Peace out

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