Wednesday, May 15, 2013

All Hail The BMK!

Yes, I mean this. Not just because you made me feel guilty because I was depressed. I absolutely, truly, appreciate that you and CNCK rescued me from the bowels of hell that is DR Court. And I hope that I am not only showing that appreciation in my attitude, but also in my work ethic and productivity. All of you are awesome to work for - like pooping ice cream. And I am working on earning some street cred too. Guess I gotta get on that. Hey, if I get that tattoo, how many points do I get?  So there! Nah, I am really honored to work with such fantastic people.

Just got back from a wonderful walk. (you didn't even know I was gone now, did you? ) The grass is really thick and soft, and everything feels so new and fresh. And the honey locust trees are blooming so it smells great. It is that perfect time of night when things are quieting down and the sun is getting ready to set. We sat on the lovey log and watched the sun go down, shining on the big sycamore tree. Then the cows came running over the hill and acted like they wanted to chase us so we decided it was time to split. And for the first time in a long time, things felt familiar again. It feels like the old place, like nothing has changed. I like that feeling.

So this is my second shower in 2 hours. It is hot out there. That is something I really enjoy, too. A nice cool shower on a hot evening, and then sit on the patio and let the breeze dry me off. If I weren't in here blogging and eating a peanut butter sandwich, that is where I would be right now with my kindle. Or maybe my homework. Know what? I think that is what I will do. This post will have to be a short one - plenty of time for spiritual thoughts another day.

Sweet, sweet relief. Thank you dear friend. May all the love and peace you extend to others come back to you a hundred fold.

Love, Peace and happiness to all.

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