Wednesday, May 8, 2013

BE All That You Can BE

This one has double meaning.

So today I surprised and pleased a co-worker by going to the post office!!! Yeah, baby! Cin found her way to the post office - and I've only been there, like, 5 or 6 times before!  Yuck, yuck, yuck. Ok. Make fun of me already. But realize this, I have been pretty sheltered and I am an extremely nervous, anxious person by nature. So if I am going somewhere I am unfamiliar with, I get really worried. Y'all know how much I worry. Just part of who I am. Doesn't mean that I am not capable. You wait and see - I AM AWESOME!!!!  And another co-worker, when discussing my goofy personality with me, said I am refreshing and she likes that.  Word to your mother. Hey, anything less than the best is a felony.

And that takes me to the second part of the meaning of this post: Last night my friend gave me a fresh new insight into things. And now I can truly be at peace with this. I do have a purpose here. And it is special. It will help others, now and into the future. It will work in two ways as well. I will offer up  my unique talents and insight, benefiting all involved. And the experiences will also help me to learn and grow - to challenge myself and to come into my power. It's win/win here. I think I have a couple of purposes. This is one. I was wondering how it fit into the Universe's plans, and now I understand.  And I do hope that my other dream of healing comes to fruition as well. My biggest set back is my impatience. Sometimes it seems as if things are accelerating so quickly and all these good things keep coming and coming, and then screeeeechhhhh, nothing for a while. So I am flying high for the moment, and then get depressed when things seem to slow down. It is all ebb and flow, Cin. Just need to remember and be patient. But it does seem as if things really are going more in my favor than not. Thank goodness that Brad S. is patient. Plus, when all of these new and exciting things are going on, my body, mind and soul are all resonating with the energy and that is a new experience and feeling in and of itself. That is enough to put you off your feed, too. I mean, I am undergoing some real changes in my life here. And an important thing to remember is to relax, allow, breathe and BE.

Now it seems as if my mind has run out of things to say. Time for a shower and then my favorite shows.  Thank you to my friends for your kindness and patience. I'm trying. Love and appreciate you.

BE awesome!

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