Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Tonight is one of those nights. Work was satisfying today, kept busy but not overwhelmed, got a really great compliment from one of  my attorneys. It is raining out there and there is a cool breeze coming in the patio along with the scent of rain. Everything feels fresh and clean. The vibration I am picking up is relaxed.

Tonight is date night. I just finished a nice pulled pork barbecue sandwich and sweet potato casserole and Bud Lite. Gonna get a shower and then watch our favorite shows. Laundry is done, bushes trimmed. Just need to mow ( can't tonight - it's raining ) and clean the house. Maybe this weekend I will shampoo the carpets. Nice long weekend coming up, but the kids will be out of town so not sure what I am going to be doing. Last weekend was such a blast, going to the amusement park and spending such a wonderful evening with the kids. Have to find ways to keep myself occupied though.

What is it about a rainy spring day that makes everything feel so wonderful? Looking forward to going out on the patio, plugging in the party lights and watching a little TV. Gonna be good to myself tonight. Ohhh, and there is chocolate brownie cheesecake in the fridge.

Note to self: drink more water!

So really, that's about all I need to say tonight. Have some extra time so I think I will study and work on my homework a little and just be. Things are coming to me. Maybe I will write that book. Maybe I will do those other things that Brad  says I am capable of. They are all things that I really desire, and would be of service to others. Just need to be open and patient. All will come in it's own good time.

Much Love

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