Sunday, May 26, 2013


Just came back from a long walk. The place seemed different today. Maybe it is because there is so much grass out there, even in the woods beneath all the trees, where normally there is not so much. But I have walked this place for more than 20 years, and know every rock and tree and hole. And yet, things were different. Am I seeing more? Noticing things that were previously as yet unnoticed? Not just the sight, but the feel of the place. More. How can one explain something that is indescribable? A shift. A peace. Love. Serenity. It is unfolding. I wish I could tell you. I want to share this. Everyone should feel this way. Like being held in the arms of your beloved and hearing them whisper all the love in the universe into your heart.

I have journaled a bit this morning, things that I can't put on this blog. Questions, observations. Feelings.

Walking through the forest, bittersweet memories. Chip and me hand in hand, stepping over tree trunks, picking up branches, grabbing up a handful of timothy to see how far into the boot it is. How I wish he were here physically. To feel the touch of his skin against mine. Hear his voice. See his smile. But he is here. I feel his love surrounding me. Even more so now that there is no physical separating the energy. I know he loved me. And now I know even more so how very much he still does.

How many times have I expressed my gratitude to my new friends for accompanying me on this journey? Can never be said enough. I really don't know what I have done to deserve so much love and support, but it is truly appreciated and recriprocated.And as I develop and grow, I intend to share all of the blessings bestowed upon me with all beings.

Have a headache. Must be from all of the pollen and seed that is out there. Time for a bit of lunch and aspirin and maybe when my head clears I will have more to experience and say. Been feeling a lot of positive energy coming my way this weekend and it really feels great. Hmm, maybe even a nap is in order. And I think a pizza for tonight.

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