Saturday, May 4, 2013

Feeling The Love

Had to do a quick post tonight. It is late and I am really tired, but have to say this.
Just got back from Nancy's. She and Susie and Justin and Caleb had a little birthday celebration for me tonight. There was pizza and cake and candles and ice cream and a "happy birthday" song. And presents! I really did not expect that. They got me some gardening gloves, and a planter with some peach impatiens and a hanging basket with purple flowers and purple beads. I was really overwhelmed with their kindness. Can't even begin to voice how much it means to me that I have been embraced and accepted into this family. I am truly blessed. Yeah, this is the beginning of a really good year. And I deserve it. These last couple of years have been rough. I love you guys.

And Prudy helped me get my phone set up today. I have a cell phone!! I can text!! And we had a wonderful, deep, emotional conversation. That was great too. What was said shall remain between us and Spirit. But it was a good thing.

And now that I am full of pizza and cake and ice cream, and happiness, I think I will go to bed and read. Just put clean sheets and comforter on the bed and everything smells great.

Much love to all !

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