Thursday, May 9, 2013

Good Times

Had an excellent night last night. "Date night". Picked up a burger and onion rings and a packet of frozen margarita ( only had half ) and some orange cream cake ( a giant twinkie ) for dessert. Then I turned on the party lights on the patio and watched my favorite shows. Then I tried to meditate a little. Still need to work on that. And while meditating I wrote a poem. So it was a pretty relaxing and productive night if I do say so.

Today I had a lot to do at work. And I got it all done. I love to be busy, just not overwhelmed. And I love to be productive. My goal is that once I learn and understand what I need to do, then I can get my attorneys all uber-organized and make their lives so much easier. I strive to be one of those assistants that can read your mind and have things done before you even know that they need to be done. And we laughed a lot today too. I talked about getting my tattoo and we got a really fun conversation going. Have I told you how much I love these people?

Need to remember this feeling. I was really kind of stressed yesterday, overwhelmed with all the things that need to be done around here ( blah blah blah ) and feeling anxious to learn and do more and go forward on my journey. Tonight I feel relaxed and calm and grounded. Got the lawn moved and some of the gardens weeded, so this weekend just need to finish up what I can. But the point is, I feel really centered and grounded again. REMEMBER THIS! So many times lately I have felt hopeless, like I would never get back to myself. But then there are the good days again that make me feel optimistic and joyous about life. If I can feel this good today, then there is hope. There are good days. It is possible. Life is good and it is getting better.

And I do believe that Chip, Spirit, Source and the Universe are all working in my favor to bring me the people and opportunities that I need in my life to be happy and advance. They've got my back.And I am grateful for the people that are coming into my life as a result. You know who you are :)

And there are a lot of good things yet to come. The set backs and frustrations I may experience are just little lessons that I can learn along the way, which will aid in strengthening me and helping me expand. I am learning and experiencing things that I have never known before. That is exciting as well as frightening. But I need not fear. I am capable. The things I need will come. Look at how far I have come already in just a few short months. I never would have believed that I could do some of this. My intuition is kicking in after so many years of me keeping it locked up due to fear. My senses are becoming a little more acute. Oh, I have far to go yet, I have only just begun to spread my wings. And yes, I am impatient. But I know that, in time, everything will unfold in just the way it is supposed to, to lead me to my true purpose. Maybe you will even see me on stage. Or read my book.
And the best part? I know that my beloved will be right there by my side.

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