Sunday, May 19, 2013


What a wonderful weekend this has been. And now I am sitting in a towel fresh from a nice cool shower after a nice walk on the place. The place is beginning to feel familiar again and the memories are coming back. Bitter sweet, I guess, but they are all good, nonetheless. Need to be mindful to not just remember, but to feel. To feel the sensations of those memories, to go back there and be in the moment. The honeysuckles are blooming, as are the roses and the honey locusts and all the other trees and bushes. The wild blackberries are starting to flower too. Walking through the woods, marveling at the sun-dappled ground, the wild flowers blooming beneath the trees. All is well. There is an aura of abundance about the place. Everyone is content. Chip is present in every leaf, every bloom, every blade of grass. His whispers sail on the wind, tousling my hair, tickling my ears. As we walk, I can sense him reaching out and taking my hand in his. Side by side we marvel at the pure beauty that surrounds us, in every way.

So today has been a day of rest and reflection.

I did go out and weed the gardens in the back yard, so that is something. Other than that I have simply lain on the futon on the patio and read and napped and daydreamed.

Yesterday was a great day. Prudy and I took Marty down to the barn and put him in the stall to get ready for fair. We walked him down the street from her house just like a dog on a leash and he was a pure angel. Got a few looks from some drivers passing by. Then a meeting at Kabuto's to go over some farm business. Nah, I really won't write off the meal as a farm expense, but I could. And then Prudy and the kids and I went to Stricker's Grove amusement park. That was a lot of fun. It was a perfect night weather wise and we rode some of the rides and had a really good time. And Prudy's mom even came out too. Extra points, anyone? Didn't get to bed until after midnight. But this is the kind of weather that I love. The evenings are warm enough that I can sit on the patio and watch tv and listen to the crickets and tree frogs as the stars come out.

Yeah, I am feeling a lot better, and maybe now I will be able to concentrate on my studies and on getting more connected. I have been a little neglectful in my schooling and passions lately as I was just not feeling well. Now that I am back and getting stronger, I am looking forward to accomplishing more and more. So very grateful that I have a support system of wonderful friends.It is so good to know that someone has your back and cares about you.  Have said many times that the Universe and Chip will bring me the people that I need, and I have not been let down. It is so wonderful to be so loved and supported, and to know that you won't let me sink. You've proven that to me time and again.

And I offer to you, my friends, all my love and support as well. Let's take this journey together and marvel at the wonders that we will share.


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