Saturday, May 25, 2013


Got a lot done today - and that after sleeping in until after 10:00 too! The house is clean, lawn is mowed completely, and I am getting ready to have a quick meal and relax and hang with my beloved. The little boys across the street are bugging me to hire them to help out around the house, so I told them that they can come back tomorrow and I will have them weed eat and rake up the grass.

Spirit has been very close today. I love this feeling. So good to know that I am loved.

Yesterday at work, the BMK showed me some Dane Cook videos and we were laughing so hard that I started crying and then I snorted and that made me laugh and cry even more. And then Becky was singing me this song and that had me laughing so hard I was on my knees doubled over. I haven't laughed like that in a while and it was great. The only thing that could make that job better is if my bestie Beth worked there too. And they brought their daughter and their new puppy back to show us and oh my gosh, baby puppy breath! And I got 10 street cred points, so now I am not in the negative any more. At zero, but that beats negative.

And now, my friends, I have the rest of the weekend to relax and do some journaling. The calf is in the barn bedded down for the night, lots of fresh hay and grain and he seems content. Need to get the other calves in there so he can have some company and that little orphan can get some TLC. Annie got into a fight with a ground hog last night and it was hard to get them separated. I thought for sure it was gonna kick her butt, but she got the best of it. And no blood was shed, thank goodness. Then the thing went after me. They can be mean suckers.

Today is a lot cooler and more overcast than it should be for this time of year, but at least it was nice to do yard work in. Hope it won't be too cold to sit on the patio in the dark tonight. That is when I can relax and try to connect. But I have been surrounded by loving energy all day today, and it makes me feel on top of the world. And thank you, my friend for your caring conversation last night, letting me know that I have friends that love and support me. I am looking forward to a lot of fun and adventure.
Someone is really looking out for me. And it is difficult to put into words what that means to me.

And now, hard as I try, I am not able to come up with anything to say. Someone is trying to get my attention and I am being directed to wrap this up and go outside. Maybe something magical will happen.  Gotta follow my heart.

Thank you again my friend, for reminding me of who I am.


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