Friday, May 24, 2013


This was going to be last nights topic but I changed it up a little. Was talking to someone at work who is kind of like me and we were discussing perspective. Some people have minor set backs and think their lives are over. Others have many tragedies in their lives and still keep on going. Really, what choice do we have? But it is all in the way that you look at the events of your lives that determines how you will get through and, more importantly, who you will become. Shitty things happen to good people. And I used to believe in karma in the sense that, if awful things happen to you you must have done something to deserve it. Now I understand that there is still the universal law of karma, yes, but that most every challenge that we are faced with in life, is a lesson of our own making. To me, that is a comforting thought. It makes sense to me. Maybe not to you, but I am ok with that. We always have free will, and we also have the safety mechanism of our intuition to keep us safe and on track. But I believe that we have mapped out a path for ourselves, one that will assist us in achieving the greatest amount of growth in this lifetime. We have come together with soul mates and soul companions, planning and plotting out a life of fun and adventure. As loving spirit, we can understand that this is all just a game, and that the more we challenge ourselves, the higher our "score". To me, that explains why some people lead magical, easy lives, and others seem to get the shit kicked out of them on a regular basis. An easy life may not equate to true happiness. The goal is to awaken and remember. To find our true selves. The things I have experienced these last two years have been the hardest, darkest times of my life, yet I sense that they have also afforded me the most growth and the potential for much more advancement. I have always believed. But now I know. I am experiencing things and meeting people that I have only ever previously fantasized about. There is a lesson in every thing we experience, every person we meet, if we will only look at it for what it is. I choose to move forward with eyes and heart open and try to live my life in love and kindness. These last six months, I have met some amazing people and have gotten some amazing opportunities. There are people that I have never met in person, but love like brothers and sisters. The people at my new job have opened their hearts to me and I intend to prove to them that I am worthy of their trust.  I am receiving some amazing insights, experiencing things that are inexplicable. Do I wish my soul mate were still here in the physical by my side? Yes, of course! And there are days that I would give my own life just to have another moment by his side. But we had an agreement, and this is what we decided we were going to do this time around. My perspective is still skewed a little yet. I have not fully awakened to see the whole picture. But I do know that God has some very special task for me.
And He has placed some very good friends in my life to walk this path alongside.My hope is that I will be able to help others, to heal and comfort, to serve all beings. In time, I shall understand. The fun is in the journey. In watching everything unfold, perfectly, in perfect time.

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