Tuesday, May 28, 2013


This weekend was such a good weekend. Really I was a little concerned with it being a long 3 day weekend and the kids being out of town. Figured that I would be bored silly. But that was not the case. And there was such an incredible feeling of peace and contentedness and connectedness. I have been surrounded by love all weekend and all day today as well. And it is such a beautiful sensation. I can feel "things" building. I can feel all the love.  And how lovely it is to be able to just sit back and allow and enjoy the show, so to speak. I have had a realization, and that is that I need to be still and quiet. That is how I was this weekend, and things came to me, rather than me chasing after. My tendency is to talk and ask questions over and over, but lately I have been just quietly trying to receive. I acknowledge the feeling, and ask for more insight. That seems to be working. So difficult to explain the emotions, but it feels like a spiritual "maturing". Now, I had a couple of really dark weeks a few weeks back, and don't ever want to have to experience that again. But it is like there was this big build up of negative energy and sadness, and then I was able to release it and finally find relief and peace. And I feel different. Like I said, more mature, more grounded. Like maybe I was the caterpillar that metamorphosed into the butterfly and is now emerging from the cocoon. And I am only just now unfolding my wings. Yes, that describes the feeling. The building. Like I am preparing to try my wings for the first time. And things will only continue to improve from here. So looking forward to the adventures that await.

Wow, my head is racing and there is so much I want to express, but my brain wants to rest tonight and be still. I was like that at work today too. Maybe because I did not get much sleep last night. The important thing is I was able to get out my feelings of peace and contentment. See, if I put those feelings into words, then it is easier to recapture them later. Since I am an empath, feelings are what rules. Yeah, I was really feeling quiet tonight.

One thing to say. Josh called to say that he cannot come up with the financing for the farm in Indiana. So now I think I will list it. Sure, I could do it myself, but then I would be required to draw up a contract and also worry about having the deed recorded and dealing with buyers and showing the property. Nah, it is worth a comission to have someone else do the work this time. I dealt with the easement contracts and all the other legal work a few months ago and if Josh was going to buy it I was willing to draw up documents, but really don't want to do all that extra work now. But this is the correct path, there is a reason. The person who is meant to buy the farm will. All in it's own time.

So I really like these feelings. Calm, content, relaxed, open. Receptive. Spirit is whispering lovingly in my ear and my heart feels warmer, stronger. Like I may be about to receive instructions and assistance to embark on the next step of my journey. Take my hand, walk with me. It's gonna be the ride of our lives.

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