Thursday, May 23, 2013


Priceless. You cannot put a value on true friendship, on love, on kindness. Today I received the gift of all of these. Sometimes I have to wonder what is wrong with me that I doubt myself and my abilities. And then someone will invariably come along and remind me that I am worthy. Sometimes I am so needy, it is laughable.  But I have been feeling so much better lately, and don't want to get knocked on my ass again. Just gonna be open and BE. In every way. Enjoy the ride.

Since I have been feeling better, I have felt on top of the world. Great things have been happening and there is a light, magical feeling. Like last weekend, I felt so loved and supported and elated and joyful. And I want to feel this way always. So when things go to feeling "normal" it gets a little scary, like "oh no, am I losing that great feeling?". What I have to realize is that things will ebb and flow and I need to go with the flow and things will come back around to perfect again. Stop trying to push things. And the same with the signs too. It is so wonderful to receive one, that I go about looking everywhere, when instead, I should just allow and accept and be grateful. Things will come to me when it is right. Just like they always have. This is much easier to understand when coming from a place of peace and groundedness. Just allow.  All the wonderful things that have come to me, have come to me on their own, I was not actively looking for them. Remember this!!

 On stressful days, or any day for that matter, I could come home and Chip would be there for me, arms open for a big hug and loving supportive words to soothe my soul. He is still looking out for me. It is overwhelming, the knowledge that my angel is watching over me. I wish I could feel like I did last weekend all the time. Sassy and full of myself, and like I was really loved and cared about and that I mattered.What is important is to remember that things will come as they are supposed to. Looking back, a perfect example, last week I did not push but just allowed and accepted what came, and it was wonderful. Need to stop trying so hard. Be content. And besides, with Chip by my side, I can be certain that I will always be secure, loved and protected. What more could I ask for?
Huh! Just now got another blessing. Thank you for the phone call my friend. Priceless.


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