Friday, May 31, 2013


Today at work was one of those days that you always want to remember. Reagan and the puppy came and for most of the day, we played together and had a blast. I was still able to contact several clients, get documents signed, letters sent and a continuance filed with the court. AND got to play with a sweet little girl and a puppy. Bailey, the puppy, grabbed my pant leg ( jeans on Friday, baby!) and acted like a big old bear attacking me so I fell to the ground and started to roll around on my back, saying, " oh help! He's got me!!" while the puppy climbed all over me and Reagan really got a kick out of that. Yeah, baby. Didn't I tell you my inner child is having a great time here? Again, it is such a blessing to work at this incredible place.  And that's not all - we got new t-shirts and I got a pullover windbreaker too. And had a fun conversation with CNCK and the BMK, hope you guys are right. I feel like a teenager.

Hopeful that this weekend will be like last weekend was. I still feel that calm, connected, centered stillness. There are a couple of ways I could describe it, the more playful one I guess I will keep to myself. Let's just say it feels like when you feel a sneeze coming on. You know it is coming. It is inevitable. It builds. And builds. Your eyes water. You anticipate. This is going to be a good one. You are right on the edge. And then - Wachoo!! Well, I am right on the edge. I feel spirit whispering in my ear. I am ready. Something really great is about to happen.

Eliot asked me today if I am good at spelling and writing, if I would be able to detect errors in punctuation, etc. Methinks he has some letter writing in my future. Looking forward to working with him, as he is already eager to teach me some of the things he knows. I really believe that we are going to be a great team. Between him and Becky, I am very lucky to have such great people to assist. I keep telling Becky - my goal is to read your mind before you even think it.

Maybe I will work on some writing this weekend. Of course, when the words are ready, they will come. Looking back at some of my posts over the last couple of weeks, you can tell when I was struggling to find words and express ideas, and when they were flowing naturally.  But it does feel as if I am going to experience a breakthrough here. Is that how it happens? After all, I could consider that I am fairly old to be having an awakening. That most people recognize their calling much earlier. But, there is no time limit on this. Maybe things will come even more quickly, as they seem to have been all along these last few months. After all, it took a heartbreaking event in my life to open me to this existence. And my beloved is walking by my side. Things will come in good time, when we are ready. I am open, awake and aware, and ready to take that next step on this path. And again, I am so grateful to have my beloved soul mate and my beloved soul friends along for the ride.

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