Tuesday, May 21, 2013


It really amazes me how quickly things can get back on track again. And believe me, I am grateful. It is such a relief to be centered and grounded again. I hope that I never lose my way like that again. Really, I probably needed that as a learning experience, and boy, did I learn. Thankful that I have the loving support from many sources to guide me along the way.

There is so much going on in my head right now but none of it seems to want to come out at the moment. Getting ready for the radio show, so maybe I will just let this rest for a few hours and come back refreshed. Just came in from outside trimming the hedges all along the front of the house in the 80 degree heat and my arms are shaking and it is hard to keep my fingers steady, so that is another indication that I should give it a little rest.

What an interesting show tonight, all about color and the effect it has on us. Really cool. Need to look into this subject more and see if maybe that is one of the reasons I feel out of balance some times.

So this post was going to be about things that amaze me. Another of those things is how great I feel when I sense Chip close by. At those times I feel invincible. And also when people express their affections for me. For some reason it is difficult for me to think that people actually care about me. It is so nice when children are drawn to me. That is because I play with them as a child, rather than an adult. My six year old self can get right down there and use her imagination with the best of them. Life is kind of nice when viewed from a child's perspective. There is that innocence, that ability to believe in oneself. Before society gets hold of you and starts telling you how to think and feel and act. As children we are truly authentic. We do not question our senses. We don't have to see to believe. Life just is. We need to get back to that mindset. We need to just BE.  In finding my inner child, I am gaining all kinds of perspective. There is the healing aspect, that is something I will keep to myself right now, and also the Joy aspect ( though I hate to use that word since it is my mother's name) where everything is an adventure and there is nothing wrong with dancing and singing and being silly and loving whole hearted and fiercely. Yes, I am still a little shy, it is difficult to open myself and be vulnerable to others, but I am working on it.

In addition, I feel encouraged that some of the things that I really want and need are coming to me. Now there are a few that could materalize soon that would be quite helpful : Josh, come up with the funds and purchase the Indiana farm. David, come over here and cut and bale my hay for me, please. A bunch of big strong guys to come over and do a lot of yard work for me. And of course, that I continue to grow and expand my abilities in every area of my life. And that those I love have all of the blessings of the Universe as well.


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