Friday, May 17, 2013


Now that I am back on track, things are coming to me rapidly again. Last nights dreams were different, strange. I have no memory of what they were, only the feelings they left me with. I know some dear ones were there with me. And though they were a wee bit disconcerting in their strangeness, they were equally comfortingly familiar. Looking forward to more, and working on remembering them.

Today Rebecca's little girl came to work with her and I watched her while Becky met with a client. We went outside and as soon as we got to the back yard, two beautiful butterflies fluttered by. They were swirling and whirling around each other, a dance of love. They stayed near us for a long while. Then a robin flew in and hopped closer and closer to us.

And I posted that Wednesday night when I took my walk, things seemed familiar again, like the old days. It almost seemed as if things shifted, went back to a former time. I noticed pieces of equipment that were in the field, that I had forgotten were there, even though every time I walk, I pass them. Just little things standing out again. Things that Chip and I experienced together. Really needed that walk.

I am playing little games with myself, trying to see how far I can get. This is fun. Thank you my friend for validating that I am doing it. The more encouraged I am , the more I want to do. It is almost as if I got bogged down in the muck and now I have emerged and am shedding the old skin. Remember that things were accelerating like this previously too, then I got lost. The key here is to not get lost. And it is not an easy task. I need to concentrate and be dedicated to this. And something else, some people I have recently met are also very sensitive. It is as if this whole wonderful community is embracing me and welcoming me into their fold. This is something I really need. I need to have these like minded souls to talk to, to share with, ask questions of and bounce ideas off. Doesn't it feel as if we are all being brought together for some wonderful purpose?

Well, I have begun to monitor my words now so it is time to go. The words aren't flowing as smoothly as I would like and there is no point in pushing it. They will come when they are ready. Main thing is that I got the memories out of the signs that I received today. Maybe tomorrow I will have something profound to say.


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