Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gentle Night

Sitting on the back patio listening to the click of the electric fence and watching the grass in the pasture sway in the breeze. It is hot out there. These are the days where it is so nice to come home, strip down and get a cold shower, then sit in the dark and watch the stars. Oh, how I wish Chip were here physically by my side. But he is here, I feel his love radiating all around me. Still feeling a little off. Not bad, just quiet and contemplative. Words just don't seem to want to come easily these last few days, been more inside of myself. And I need need need to remember that other peoples emotions are not my own. They do not belong to me. When I pick up on someone else's stress I need to not take it personally. Too many stressed out people lately! So I am not going to give it any more thought. Still finding it difficult to find words to express my feelings.I feel the urge to say things, then go blank.  There is a story in here that really wants to come out - just not right this minute. It is churning around up there, though, like I have been saying the last few days, and when the time is right, all of these wonderful thoughts are gonna come pouring out and it will be magnificent. All in good time.

 There is so much to learn, so much to accomplish. But remember, the last few days spirit has been whispering in my ear and guiding me to be still and listen. Impatience will not get me anywhere. I am eager to progress, in every area of my life, but the fun is in the journey. Look at all the great things I am going to learn and do and share along the way. And thank you to my friends who love and support me in this journey. I wish I could express to you how very special you all are. Know that I send love and light to you always.

The only thing that is coming right now is I am being nudged to say "Hang in there, all will be well. Be patient and go with the flow."

That sounds like a good place to be. Now I am going to take my tired mind to bed.

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