Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Day At The Fair

This is a quick one, the intended post for tonight is in process as well. Just a big shout out to Sydney and Marty for their victory at the fair tonight. Now Marty was not in very good shape. He has lost around 60 pounds in the last week or so, due to the heat and other conditions. Apparently most of the other calves in the show had the same problems. So out of a class of eight, they won third place. Now that is awesome!! Shows that the calf is genetically sound and is what the judge was looking for. The fact that he was thin and had very little hair coat, did not detract from his score that much, proving that we do produce quality beef! Woot! His mother Martha, who now resides on the farm on the other side of the veil, is surely proud. Syd was a little nervous right before she was called into the ring, but we told her that Chip was there watching over her and to make him proud. And boy, did she!

Congratulations Sydney, Marty and Guinea Run Farm. And in honor of my beloved Chip.

Getting ready to show
Clean and pretty
Get that leg straight
Third ain't bad
Not bad at all

                                                                  Red sky at setting...

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