Friday, July 12, 2013

No Bull!

Not what you think. Actually, I went out this morning with my cup of coffee and Oreo cookies to enjoy the early morning before getting ready for work, and Mr. Bull was right there in the back yard so I decided to go say good morning to him. He has been behaving himself lately and I was seriously considering keeping him. Well I got close, and he decided that it was a great opportunity to charge me. Poor choice on both our parts. I ran. And now for sure he will be going bye bye. Should get a good price for him.

Now, this is not the wonderful bull that is in my profile picture. That is T.J. the best bull that ever walked this earth. He gave us many, many good calves, and was an old soul. You could walk up to him and all he wanted was for you to scratch his ears. And I could go sit on him like a horse if he was laying down in the pasture. He was a wonderful friend and associate. I imagine he is in charge of the herd on the farm on the other side of the veil, enjoying his green pastures.

You know, I was going to put a lot in here tonight, but it is beautiful out there and I think I will go back out and enjoy the sunset and settle in for the evening. This getting to bed on time has really been beneficial to my state of mind. It took the kind counsel of a friend to get me to realize that and boy, has it worked. Again, my friend, thank you.

Tomorrow is a new day and I feel like it is going to be a good one. We create our reality. Lets make it great. Thank you to my dear friends. Thank you for your support and patience with me this week. Lesson learned. Peace. Truth. Honesty. Integrity. Follow your hearts.

Much Love.


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