Friday, July 5, 2013

Busy Days

Wow, the last couple of days have been so busy it amazes me. Yesterday was the Fourth, and I was invited to the office party at Noella and Bruce's house. It has been raining here all week and everything is wet and soggy and muddy, so I spent the entire morning cleaning the house. Actually, I kind of did my spring cleaning. I just haven't really been much into doing anything, and it does get me a little down that I don't have the energy or inclination to do things that once brought me great joy. Cleaning, organizing, gardening, planning. Bah! And my heart tells me not to push it. It will come when it is ready. Again, again, again, I have the rest of my life.   So anyway, I headed off to the party in the rain and thought, oh wow, what an awful day for this. When I got there, though, everyone was happy and having fun and even though I am extremely shy in social situations like this, I found myself very relaxed and at home and having lots of fun. Ella and Reagan ran over to greet me and I got to spend some time with my little girlfriends. And I learned that RSC has a super talent. She said she could dive through an inflatable pool inner tube ( a child size one at that ) and I figured she was just trying to pull one over on us. But she got on the diving board and dove right through that sucker! Only thing is it got caught on her boobs and I got to pull it off. Who would have thought? It was so much fun. And Bruce took me to the barn to see the alpacas, where he had one eat a fig newton right out of his mouth.  * just had a deja-vu - wonder what that means* It was such a wonderful night, and I was sorry that I had to get going because it was getting dark and I cannot drive in the dark. Then, just as I was getting off the expressway and into town, Bonnie texted me to go to the fireworks with her and Dave. So I raced home and jumped right into their car and we were off to the Harrison fireworks. It started to rain pretty hard while we were there, and by then I was soaked, but it was not a bad night. So it was pretty late when we got home, and it was after midnight before I got to bed again. That is like the third time this week that I have stayed up way past my bedtime. Reminds me of when Chip and I were first dating and we would stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning. Ah, love.
And today was busy at work too, Candice's girls were there and so was Reagan. So we got to have lots of fun playing. And of course, I still got my work done.

AND I got compliments on facebook! Woot! Yes, I am an approval hound, and compliments are a sure way to get me to melt. Glowing from the nice things my C-K family are saying. It's so nice to be appreciated. And I appreciate each and every one of you, too.

So nothing profound to say tonight. Been a busy week with lots of late nights, and this one is shaping up to be the same. It is almost 11:30 and this gal is feeling it. It is warm and I think I am going to hang out on the patio on the futon tonight. I will say that I am feeling many different emotions tonight. Feeling relaxed and happy and cared about. And also still a little confused and guilty about the things that I am considering in regards to the farm. And other things that are causing stress. And as always, my main interest is keeping and strengthening my connection to Chip and Spirit. The weekends are lonely for me. No one to talk to or hang out with. I wish there was someone who wanted to connect, just check in with each other, talk about things. Patience, Cin.

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