Sunday, July 7, 2013


Ah, walking the place - my favorite spot, pad and pen in hand - this comes to me: This is my path. This is my journey. And along the way, I look down at the many obstacles at my feet, lessons in disguise, and I know. I realize that I have choices. I can choose to ignore them, to blindly step over them and continue on my way. Or I can choose to stop, pick them up, examine them, glean the lessons and understanding they are there to teach, The choice is mine. Some of the obstacles are smooth, round, cool, like stones, full of peace and beauty. Others are sharp, prickly, like thistles and thorns, they tear at my skin and my heart. They also hold the greatest experiences. Yes, they will sting, and cut, some deeply. And some will bleed. And they will heal. They will build scar tissue, a reminder of lessons learned. The important thing is to learn from them, to take away from the painful experience healing, and the wisdom of lessons learned.

And it's hard. So hard to make these decisions my myself, on this lonely path. But that is a part of the journey too. Right now, I need to pick my own way. Decide if I will detour to the easy route, or choose the path strewn with obstacles. Most of you know me by now. I am already ankle deep in mud and manure, clutching at the thorny vines, pushing them aside to get to the berries growing thick on their stems. Pulling forward the wild roses, drawing my hand back, scratched and bleeding, but with beauty cradled within my fingers. Elbow deep in a cow, helping her to bring forth new life. Getting kicked, knocked over, and dragged, then to know the satisfaction of standing beside an animal that was once wild and is now tame and loving and peaceful.

I have been able to put names to some of the obstacles. Those are the strongest, most important lessons I need to learn right now. Yes, they have names. And as I continue to walk, others will eventually join me when their time is right. Chip, of course, and hopefully others as well, some I already know and love, and perhaps new friends too. Some of these obstacles are pretty tough right now. But that is all part of the journey, par for the course, as Chip would say. And as I pick them up, turn them over in my hands, examine them, I will gain the wisdom that is being offered and those obstacles will never cross my path again. I will have conquered them, to move onto the next. And the more obstacles crossed, the more lessons learned, the more wisdom gained, the more my purpose will come to fruition. Life will become ever more rewarding. I will be blessed with a new understanding. I have to conquer my own obstacles ( demons) before I can help others to banish theirs.
And someday Chip and I will do just that. And I also would like to have a physical partner, working with us to accomplish this greater good.

Yes, though some of these lessons are difficult, scary, painful, it is my intent to face each one with open heart, courage, and determination. I pray that the universe will bless me with true, loyal companions, those who will share this journey lovingly, each of us helping the others along the way.
Yes, even though there may be others out there who are not loyal and true, I must be true to my heart, my soul, my calling. There is no shame in giving your all. If you make a mistake, then pick yourself up, dust yourself off, keep moving forward. And those who walk with you, through the storms, mud, thistles and thorns, those are your true friends. Cherish them.

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