Saturday, July 13, 2013

One Of Those Really Great Days

I am having one of those weekends where everything reminds me of Chip. It is a good feeling, a peaceful one. Seeing lots of white vans with ladder racks, and other things, too. Ah, but he's here. And here is just where I want him.

 Bonnie and I went to a reenactment of Morgan's Raid in town. Morgan's  Raiders came through town exactly 150 years ago today. According to legend, they actually stopped to rest on our farm and one of them was shot, stealing chickens from the chicken coop. The chicken coop is reported to be haunted, and I must admit that many years ago I did pick up the vibrations of a presence, but maybe the guy just decided to come back for a quick visit. Any way, there was a rider there that I instantly took a liking to. Can you get an instant crush on someone?? 

                                                                God, He's Cute !!!!!

                                          General Robert E. Lee, Traveller, and me.

Yes, I had a blast!! Thank you again Bonnie, my companion in adventure. Thank you for helping me chase the soldier in the paisley shirt all over town!

I must admit, I am becoming quite fun-loving. And it is great. Now please know, I love Chip with all my heart. He is the love of my life and my soul mate. I so miss running into his arms when he arrived home from work. Wrapping my arms around him and holding him close. Him whispering those words into my ears. I will die a thousand deaths for him, just as I already have. I would give up this life in a moment to return home to him. But if I truly have a job to do here, and he is truly my companion in spirit, here to help me still, walk and work beside me on this path on my journey, then I have to have faith that we still have much to do here. There is a purpose, and I must fulfill it.

Now that I am feeling back on track, I have a sense of eagerness to get going. Let's go, let's go, let's go!! The drama that I had been unwittingly and innocently  pulled into is done. I have swept the negativity from my being and am now, once again, open and on track. I truly hope that those I have placed my trust in will not betray me, but will continue to walk beside me and enjoy this path with me. Remember, I am loyal to the death and will stand by your side and have your back always. All I ask is you do the same. I deserve dear, close, loving and supportive friends. And I have to say again, that I have not felt quite this peaceful in a very long time. Thank you so much my friend for the conversation on Wednesday night, for taking the time to share with me. For understanding. For accepting my words.

Have been reading " E-Squared" by Pam Grout. It is about energy experiments with your thoughts. There are nine experiments you can do to prove that you can manifest your thoughts. I did the first experiment last night at 11:00 while in bed. It was simply to ask for a sign, a gift from the universe. You give the universe 48 hours to manifest It's sign or gift to you and wait and see what appears. Well, I got up this morning and went onto the patio to have my coffee and muffin and look what was floating in the pasture in the back yard:

                       Ok - I'll take it!  Less than 12 hours after I asked, here is my sign. 

  Hmmmmm..... could my mystery rider be a sign too??  LOL  if so , please Universe, let him show up in my pasture too. But I accept this gift most humbly and appreciatively, thank you, thank you, thank you. I know there are unlimited more on their way to me.  I will keep you all posted as to what appears.

                                              General Lee, US Grant, and Custer

                                                  Grant, Lee, and Custer

                          Had to put another one of him on here - Yummy!!!

By the way, to the guy who cracked me up when the soldier fell and "died" and you said " but, it's only a flesh wound.. come back and I will bite you to death", gotta love Monty Python!! Thanks for the reminder!! Run Away!! Run Away!!

So all in all - a fantastic day!!!!! Now to go work on some more spiritual stuff.

Love and light to all, but especially to my new friend Arnold.

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