Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Love comes in many flavors, many colors. Soul Mates, lovers, family, friends, beloved pets, favorite possessions, activities.  It is so important to open your hearts and love. Love freely. I don't mean this to be creepy. We are all here to love and to learn. Today, Ella was coloring at my desk and sharing her candy with me and she looked up and said, Cindy, I love you. And of course, we got into a competition of who loved who more. But she decided that she won with I " I love you thisssssss much plus one hundred and ten percent! " And when I think about it, in the last several months, I have experienced more love and friendship than I could ever imagine. You know, Chip was everything to me. Everything. With him I was whole. And now there are all of these people who want to be a part of my life. My friends at work, the radio community, Chip's family members who have accepted me as their own. And seriously, I find myself wondering, why do these people care? What must I have done so well to deserve this support? Oh, I know that Chip is looking out for me. He has been very instrumental in providing me with these friends and circumstances. Funny, because based on my childhood conditioning, I always felt like I was not worthy of people liking me. And so when people expressed an interest in being my friend, I always  questioned, why? Well, Chip is making sure that I am not alone. And you know what? I have quite a bit to offer. I am loyal, patient, caring, compassionate. People tend to play games and push one another away in a fear based attempt to protect their egos. And I am guilty as well, battling with trust issues, not wanting to be hurt or betrayed. But I always come back to the fact that love is what it is all about. You simply cannot go about protecting yourself from everything and everyone, and guarding your feelings, keeping your emotions locked up tight in a self imposed prison. If you care about someone, let them know. They may really need to hear it. And there is no shame in being open and vulnerable with others. It actually shows strength and courage. ( see previous post )  And think about how great you feel when someone compliments you, or expresses their feelings for you.

You know, this is a wonderful feeling. Peace. Contentment. I know I mention that a lot too. But I believe that those are all emotions that are indicative of one being on the right path.  If people would just stop. Collaborate and listen.  ( yes, I meant that )  Life would be so much easier for everyone. Love people. Love with all your heart. Don't worry about whether or not people think you are stupid or crazy for feeling so strongly. Believe me, I know. I love Chip with every ounce of my being. I would not have changed a minute of our time together in the physical, except maybe to express our love even more than we did. I have no regrets though. We shared everything. And our souls are always connected, forever communicating. But don't waste a moment. Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. Hopefully you will have a lifetime to express those feelings, you can never say it too much. Smile at your children and hug them tight. Kiss your lover extra slowly. Pat your friend on the back and tell her how much you appreciate her. Thank your boss for her kindness. Rub your dog's belly extra long and give him an extra treat. Help the elderly couple next door carry in their groceries.  All ways of showing love.

Let's set the intention. Raise our vibrations. Become the means to heal the planet. We can accomplish this. I walk this path alongside many loving, supportive friends, we are all in this together. We are all connected. We are all one.

I love and appreciate each one of you.

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