Friday, July 19, 2013

Looking Forward To The Weekend

Last night was exceptional and I do hope that the rest of the weekend, heck the rest of my life, continues this way. Oh, I know that there will be little bumps in the road, teachers that they are, but wow, was it a good night. The relief of having the hay baled and up dry is immense. Now to just get the bales moved in the barn and we are good!! And the fair starts this weekend. Marty is due to show on Sunday so we will be there.  And I am puppysitting!! While the BMK and CNCK are on vacation , I get to watch Bailey, so we had a great little sleepover last night and he did very well. Annie is in love with her new "baby" and they played all evening.

Beth, Megan and I are going to the movies tomorrow, too! Gonna smuggle in some pop and candy and munch out. I have really been missing my Beth and it will be so good to spend some time together. We have a lot to catch up on. I wish that there was a festival going on tonight that Bonnie and I could go to. I am looking to dance!

And Chip was very close last night. I prepared a drink for both of us and we had a toast to celebrate the hay being completed.  It was wonderful. I know that he is pleased and feeling good about this. And the happier I am and the better spirits I am in, the closer I feel to him.

Totally got distracted from blogging when my girlfriend Ella came to work. And Candice's girls were there today too so we had a little girl fest. Plus I had Bailey there. So now I am back home and getting ready to have a left over beef and cheddar sandwich. E and I had a meeting before I left for the day, and he said some things that really made me smile. He told me I have the heart of a 20 year old, and he was overwhelmed with my capacity to love so deeply and be so loyal. He said that I love with 100 percent of my heart. Yeah, I do have a lot of love in me. I told him that Chip is the love of my life and my soul mate, and always will be. No one will replace him in my heart. But I do have a lot to offer, and the Universe wants me to use that love to do good things and help to heal others.

I have been experiencing what I can only call an emotional maturity these last 2 days. This is new. As I said previously, all of those negative and hateful vibes that were surrounding me must have been a lesson, to prepare me for the blessings that are now to come. First, let me thank Mr. BS for his guidance in the matter, because I have started to ground myself and demand that only the love and light shine through. And, since last night, I have felt this calm knowing. Some of it has to do with the fact that Chip was so close as well, and this peace that overwhelmed me. But for the first time in a long time, I feel that things are going as they are meant to and that all good things will come. Usually I am so impatient, and wanting things to go right now, but since last night, I believe that I received a message that the things I desire are on their way and to just wait a bit - it will be worth it. As Chip says, I am going with the flow. Good things are starting to happen again, and they are very welcome.
There will be much more to report on this.....stay tuned. Also the fact that I have been doing my mirror exercises again ( twice this morning!) seems to be making a difference and may also be instrumental in this new sense of stability. Did you hear that, Mr. slave driver?? 
And now I am going to read my book. The first experiment was successful. Need to do the next one and report the results. Thing is, again I feel like things are back on track and something wonderful is happening. This calm, groundedness is soothing and inspiring. Like I want to reach out and touch everyone with love and peace. So everyone, just imagine that I am reaching out, and feel the love.


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