Saturday, July 20, 2013

Quick 'Cause It's Late And Bed Is Calling

Don't want the slave driver to be unhappy with me for getting to bed late, so this is a quick one and the post I was working on can wait until tomorrow. Thank you, BS. This one is just to say what a great day it was. Got the house clean, laundry done, lawn ( mostly) mowed, and went to the movies with my dear friend, Beth. Then came home and went swimming at Bonnie's. And a Bud Lite. So I am pleasantly tired and ready to hit the bed. Got to get the critters settled down - Annie and Bailey are chasing each other through the house. They are having such a good time. She is being so good with him. They just got her favorite toy and are playing tug-o-war with it. And she is letting him win! How sweet.  I am afraid that I will have to get Annie a puppy of her own. And tomorrow, Syd will be showing Marty in the fair. Weigh in got him at 331 pounds, which means that that crazy heifer I wrestled with weighed way more than I thought - she has to be a good 500 pounds, not 400. Damn - I am strong. So tomorrow to the fair. Hmmm, wonder if Dave will be there. On the way to the theatre tonight there was a tremendous storm, downpour, and the expressway got flooded. Talk about a wild ride. And we did not get a drop here at home. Thing is, the creek is dry and I am watering the cows from the barn well. We need some rain soon, but first I need to get all that hay in the barn.

Brad posted a wonderful post on my page, the song Fields of Gold. My favorite. I sat here mesmerized. Thank you, sir for that. As I watched, I felt Chip close. Thank you for being such an awesome friend.

Wow, my eyes are getting heavy. Time for bed. Perhaps tomorrow I will have something to say.

Love to all.

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