Thursday, July 25, 2013

Peaceful Evening

Tonight seems to be quiet and peaceful. Annie, Bailey and I took a walk and it is so energizing to watch them romp and play in total rapturous joy. Bailey has really brought out the puppy in Annie and you can see the sheer delight they are experiencing playing with one another.  We should learn a lesson from them.

Was listening to my dear friend Brad's radio show, Inner Guide Empowerment Radio, from Tuesday night again. Catherine DeMonte was the guest speaker and it was very enlightening.  She talked about getting into a higher frequency, and gave many tips and tools on how to raise your frequency and to release fear and negative thoughts from your life. As always, it was a wonderful show.  Brad's shows always give the listener something to think about, wonderful insights to incorporate into your life and the love and support of the community to encourage you on your path to awareness.   And they leave you with a feeling of complete peace and joy. I find myself listening to the episodes over and over again and each time I glean more and more meaning, more understanding, more enlightenment. Brad, his show, his guests and the entire Inner Guide Empowerment community are to be treasured. And believe me, I do. Here is the link to last Tuesday's show mentioned here:

And since it is so peaceful tonight ( even with the doggies wrestling at my feet, and someone bit me on the ankle ) I am going to go fix a cold drink and watch Big Bang Theory. Maybe connect with my beloved.

And to my friend, Po, thank you.

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