Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Beloved

My Love. Happy Birthday! How I wish you were here to hug. Yes, I know that birthdays and anniversaries are just markers of the physical. There is no spacetime where you are. But even so, I celebrate you and our love. Do you celebrate on the other side anyway? Are you pleased? Remember the occasion of your 60th birthday, when we had a surprise party for you disguised as a family reunion planning  committee meeting? That was a lot of fun. And that was the day after your new "Big Blue" tractor was delivered. So you had a new toy to show off. Good times that.

Usually this would be the week that we would take vacation time from work. We would rest up just a little, since this is typically the hottest week of the year here. Then we would go crazy getting the hay done either second cutting at home or first cutting in Sunman, based on what we had been able to accomplish earlier in the season. Yes, lots of work, very little rest for us. But when it was all done, what a feeling! Hard work never scared us, now did it? Falling, exhausted, onto the futon on the patio, or the couch, or the bed, and rejoicing that the work was finished, and on to the next project. They never seem to end. God how I miss that with you. I miss everything about you. And I am remembering a lot right now, even though I am at work, at lunch typing this. And it is an odd kind of remembering. I am actually feeling the memories, feeling the sensations of those times - the heat coming off the fields, the hay dust in our faces, the cool of the air conditioning, the emotions we felt. It as is if I am reliving it all as it comes to me in thought forms and emotions. Are you doing that? Are you sharing this with me? Is this some new form of communication that we are developing?

I would like to have a day or two off work. But at this time it just isn't possible since we are short staffed. But oh, how I need some time - perhaps take just a little journey, a trip to somewhere.

A good theme for this post - which came to me as I was driving in to work today - just popped right into my head - did you send that to me as well? One of your favorite sayings. I have mentioned it before here, and made you the cross stitched wall hanging of it. Remember how long that took me??  Loved every minute of it.


You lived by that saying. You lived by many, many virtues. Your life is a testament to the beautiful work of art that you are.

Here's to you, my love.

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