Saturday, July 6, 2013

Different Than What I Thought

I started a completely different post and then changed my mind. My intuition is telling me to hold off on that one for now. So even though my fingers want to create something, I think it best to just chill and let this one flow and pick up on the other idea tomorrow.

The only thought I need to get out right now is that I have a lot of questions to ask myself. Some wounds to lick. Mostly some meditating and relaxing and connecting and grounding to do.
Things that I cannot even post here.  Best to work through them myself and then post the happy, positive results.

So on this rainy ( in Cincinnati ) Saturday, know that I am sending love and light to all who come across this post. While I sit and work through my issues, it would be awesome if you would please send happy thoughts my way, too. The universe only wants the best for us. Every challenge that comes to us comes as a lesson. The way we react and act to those challenges will determine where we go from there, if we advance. I fully intend to advance.  The lessons that have appeared to me over the last 8 months have been both devastating and enlightening. Really, it seems too much for one person to bear. But I have learned. And I will be able to open my heart again, someday. And I have gathered some good, true friends along the way. True, if Chip were still here in the physical, life would be so much better. None of these issues I am so worried about would even exist. But, alas, that is part of my journey. The things I seek will come to me when the time is right. For now, I must be patient and have faith. The truth is out there.

Love and light.

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